A Day for Make Believe

One of my favorite things about this day is the excitement that bounds throughout our house from the moment the kids wake-up.  They can’t wait to slip into their costumes and character for the day.  I love watching their imagination come to life.  Our girls plan their costumes all year long.  This year, The Avengers and Once Upon A TIme are the inspiration.

Now these two little cuties, princesses from the Happiest Place on Earth…they were the most enthusiastic models I’ve ever had!  We started in the school library.  (Their mom was my daughter’s 3rd grade teacher whom we just adore.)  Surrounded by books where our favorite characters come to life, then moving on to the charming leaf filled streets of town.  Here’s a few of my favorites from these animated and prissy little princesses.

*Don’t miss the note at the end.

While putting this post together, I began thinking about all the families here on the East Coast affected by hurricane Sandy.  All those kids excited about trick-or-treating in their costumes.  For so many, shelter and day to day clothing is the priority.  They are in our thoughts and prayers.  I’m including a link for those that would like to make donations to the Red Cross.  Donate here