Terrell & Shirley { St.Michaels Wedding Photographer }

It was a very cold, blustery day in November and Talbot Country was celebrating the annual Waterfowl Festival.  Terrell & Shirley chose this day and Harbourtwowne Resort in the town of St. Michaels  for their intimate gathering of close friends and family to say their vows.  St. Michaels was a significant place in their courtship.  It’s the small, charming and romantic town they would sneak away to for day trips and the place they fell in love.

I knew from our first meeting that I liked them.  A lot.  They are generous, articulate, kind and their faith is the cornerstone of their relationship. I had to step out of the reception at one point because I was so moved and emotional.  (Not my most professional moment.)  My heart was warmed once again when I received Shirley’s sweet note:  “Oh my gosh. These are absolutely BREATH TAKING photos. You did a perfect job of capturing our special day and they are worth the wait. Thank you so much for paying such attention to detail and showing me all of the small moments I missed.   I’m so glad God allowed you to come across our path. You were definitely the RIGHT photographer for our perfect day.” 

Happy First Anniversary Terrell and Shirley!  May God bless you with many years of extraordinary love.

This man could sing!

One of my absolute favorite wedding images.  Just look at that bliss!

The details in both Shirley’s dresses were gorgeous.  This one weighed over 8lbs.

There was so much joy and laughter and not nearly enough blog space to cover it all.  Here’s some highlights.

A big thank you to Brooke Michelle Jackson for all her help as second shooter and laughing buddy.  Always a good day when she’s shooting with me! xoxo