Because Dressing Up Is So Fun!

Our kids think about their costumes all year round. I’m not kidding.  It’s often a topic of conversation.  Pinterest…need I say more?  They usually start off with pretty elaborate ideas of homemade costumes (my favorite) but often times they’re sucked in by pictures of models dressed as their favorite literary characters or idolized super heroes.  Those Halloween super stores are clever marketers.  Last year, all Maci wanted was a red cape.  So we built her costume around it.  Little Red Riding Hood was thrilled to be caring around one of her favorite stuffed animals all night.  Chloe had so many ideas, I can’t even remember what accessory we went into the store to pick up because she fell under the spell of all those shiny plastic bags hanging from floor to ceiling.  We tried on more costumes than I care to admit before settling on one from the Avengers.  I think it was the red hair she was most excited about.  And red it was.  No wig for her, she wanted it sprayed on.

Easton does Halloween well.  It’s so different from my childhood in FL.  Trick-or-treating down the tree lined streets of historic homes, kicking up the fallen leaves on the sidewalks, bumping into friends and the sugar induced energy, giggles and squeals of kiddies as they add to their bags of loot. I savor these moments.  The First Baptist church has a really fun Harvest Festival that our kids love.  If you’re in Talbot County and never been, I highly recommend you check it out.

A few years ago we came up with a way to deal with the obsession our kids had with the candy.  That bag of delicious goodies occupied too much of their time and thoughts.  In the weeks following Halloween, they woke up asking for a breakfast of snickers, and lunchbox of taffy and dinner of nerds.  That’s when they weren’t sneaking nibbles in-between meals. Never mind that I’d find a stash under their bed around Valentine’s day.  So call us the Grinch of Halloween, but we only let them keep 10 pieces of candy.  Yes TEN.  The rest we deliver to daddy’s office or donate to local candy drives.  (That’s after we’ve snagged all the gummie bears, sweedish fish and Reese’s cups;)

I hope everyone has a fun and safe night!  Here’s a few favorites from last year.

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