Girls Who Read: Maryland Child Photographer

Most of my friends know I’m passionate about reading.  Not all know that one of my daughters struggled with reading.  It affected so many areas of her life.  We finally made the decision to pull out of private school and place her in the public system where she would benefit from the available reading specialists.  I can’t begin to tell you what a world of difference it has made…increased tests scores, afternoon homework routine down from 3 hours to one, boost in self esteem and a real desire to read for pleasure.  Our girl is so much happier these days!

That’s why I’m so thrilled and honored to serve on the local Advisory Council for Page Turners.  I’ll share more about the organization in the coming months.  For now, here’s a brief description and a few photos I snapped while visiting one of the clubs in Dorchester County with Founder, Elizabeth Devlin.

What is PageTurners?

A clear mission guides all aspects of our work.  Page Turners is building a network of afterschool book clubs to empower at-risk adolescent girls, through the discussion of literature, to become leaders in their communities, while improving their reading and critical thinking skills.

Reading can spur social change.  In PageTurners, we see an opportunity to spur change by building female reading communities achieving PageTurners’ goals at the micro level that will transform communities at the macro level. Margaret Fuller expressed our theory of social change very well when she said, “Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” We seek to engage girls as a supported community of readers so they will become active participants in their education and empowered change agents.