Furry Friend Friday: Bonnie’s Story { Maryland Equine Photographer }

I can’t believe Friday is already here.  Where did all those days go?  It’s a blur for me.  I spent some time with the crew at Halo’s Haven Rescue working on a project for a sweet, sweet pony they recently rescued.  I really do mean sweet.  Her story is compelling enough, but when you meet her and see how loving and affectionate she is and after all she’s been through, it just breaks my heart.  I’ll never, ever understand how human beings can be so cruel to the creatures God gave us to to love.

Unfortunately, Bonnie’s is not an isolated case.  There are so many others.  Stories much worse than what this poor girl went through.  However, we hope that Bonnie’s story, her fight for survival, will shed some light on this terrible issue and move others to help.  Many people knew about Bonnie long before Michelle happened to come accross her, but said nothing.  If you see a case of neglect or abuse, please speak up.  Be the voice these innocent animals don’t have. An anoynomous phone call to the Humane Society is all that is sometimes needed.

A video of images from volunteers, staff and camera phones.  Warning:  Kleenex needed


Resting after pains meds, but looking much better than those first photos. 


Hugs ~ Karena