The Next Few Days…

Earthquakes, Hurricanes, New School…OH MY!  It’s been quite a week around here.  The first day of a new school and I check my 8 year old out early to get a tooth pulled.  (scheduled months in advance.)  After a few seconds of the “laughing gas” she didn’t seem to mind.  It was a good thing, too, because the earth started to shake, rattle & roll as the oral surgeon began tugging on that stubborn tooth.  An earthquake on the East Coast!?!?!  What a day!  As if that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, we began scrambling to prepare for the onslaught of hurricane Irene.  Growing up in South FL, this was always fun and exciting.  The whole, extended family at our house for a 2 day party, yeah!  Perspective as an adult has drastically changed.  ……and…….yes there’s more excitement around the Dixon camp…we bought a new home and I’m drowning in bubble wrap!  (Note to self…keep the darling husband happy by packing the remotes LAST!)  Move in day is this Friday!

So if I’m a bit slow to return emails, Facebook messages or voice mail the next few days, please forgive me.  The internet will be up and running at some point Tuesday.

Since a blog post is never as fun without a picture, here’s one of my favorites from a recent wedding.  Courtney and Michael, your story is next!