Inspired By Twilight

It’s no secret I’m one of those…a Twilight fan.  I can’t help it.  I was SO anti Twilight then my 17 year old daughter finally convinced me to watch the first movie a week before New Moon came out in theaters.  I wasn’t thrilled about it, but 15 minutes in my interest was peaked.  The next day I went to my friend’s bookstore and got the set.  The hubby was out of town and the kids ate cereal for a week as I devoured the books.  We watched New Moon in theaters 6 times!!  It’s an obsession but the only solution is to keep fueling the fire.

All that being said, these photos weren’t planned.  Ashley, a new client, met us at my house for her photo shoot.  I had this really cool tree in the backyard so we started there.  We were talking about Breaking Dawn and my sweet, talented intern (who is not a Twilight fan…but I’m working on her…)  Anyway, Brooke made some comment, possibly even a joke to tease us…about using the BD book. I ran into the house, grabbed the book off my coffee table and an apple out of the bowl.  Ashley, begin a good sport, played along.  Ashley…I still say you need to read the final book before seeing the film!

7 days til the midnight premiere!!  Who’s going?