The Wisdom & Imagination of C.S. Lewis

I have this iPhone app that I use every day.   It’s quotes by C.S. Lewis.  Usually at night, right before bed, I spend a few minutes reading the words of this brilliant man.   I kept looking at this image, the last shot of a recent session at the Tred Avon Yacht Club.  It made me think of my favorite Narnia character, Reepicheep, particularly in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.  He’s a valiant, chivalrous little mouse showing a faith greater than his size.  It was the compassion Reepicheep shows Eustace, a disrespectful and cruel boy, that I love most.  Teaching Eustace the importance of honor and loyalty.  I wish I was more like Reep.

This quote:

Where the sky and water meet

Where the waves grow sweet

Doubt not Reepicheep

To find all you seek

There is the utter east

Is actually a lullaby the dyads sang to Reepicheep that later became important to him.  I liked the pairing with the image and wanted to share.

Happy Wednesday!