Gary & Brittni {Okeechobee, FL Wedding Photographer}

Still playing catch up on the new blog…

This week, one year ago, my little brother got married to the most amazing girl. Big sisters are suppose to be over protective.  Right?  Think no girl is ever good enough, especially for the baby of the family.  Well, we never had a chance to scoff.  Brittni won us all from the moment we met her.  She is oozing with a genuine sweetness from her core and an undeniable adoration of Gary, Jr..  She makes him an even better man.  Our family has been blessed with not only this loving girl, but with an extended family that is just as sweet.  Happy one year anniversary you two.  I love you!

The first look…

I miss these trees and Spanish moss that signal the signs of home.

As typical with Florida afternoons, it started raining so we were forced indoors for some of the photos. It worked out well, though.  This turned out to be one of my favorite wedding party shots ever.

This is a real moment.  No staging.  I was busy setting up another shot and turned around to find this look of complete exhaustion.