Irish Coffee

It’s snowing and if the forecast is to be believed, it will be a long weekend at home.  So we’ve got our Netflix watch list cued up and plenty of Jameson for any neighbors that drop by.  As a kid growing up in South Florida, we had hurricane parties.  I think I prefer the snow.  Stay safe, everyone!


3/4 c. Hot Coffee

1-2 tsp raw or brown sugar

1.5 oz Jameson Irish Whiskey

Heavy cream  or whipped cream  to garnish

Be sure to run your glass though hot water before adding the coffee  to prevent the glass from cracking.  Mix the coffee and sugar until dissolved.  Add the Irish whiskey and more coffee if needed leaving about a 1/2 inch form the top of the glass.  You can add the liquid cream slowly the top by pouring slowly over a spoon or use whipped cream as pictures below.  It’s a person preference.  Sometimes I use Baileys Irish cream or Kahlua.  Enjoy!